Lay’s – Lay’s brand is a leader in the global snack market, offering consumers high-quality chips with well-defined starch and sugar from selected high-quality potatoes. Lay’s striking distinguishing features include: thin slices, beautiful shape, and an appetizing golden color of chips. The flavor palette of the brand tries not to leave indifferent fans of potato snacks in any country. Despite its international reputation, Lay’s actively develops flavors in line with local expectations and consumer preferences, which is the key to the brand success in local markets. The brand successfully tests by offering different flavor variants. It offers flavors of sour cream and greens, green onions and cheese for those who prefer homemade chips. Meat lovers like Lay’s Bacon, seafood lovers like Lay’s Crab, and Lay’s “Sour Cream Porchini Mushrooms” and Lay’s “Salty” take their deserved place among your favorites. Lay’s is an irresistible taste.

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