About Company

Mars Overseas is a reputable company that produces and sells high-quality products on the table of every family. The company started its successful activity in 1999. In the same year, under the partnership agreement with Pepsico, one of the most influential companies of the world in the food and beverage sector, it has the exclusive right to produce and sell Pepsico products in Azerbaijan. To date, we have resolutely succeeded in further expanding and strengthening our relationship with this valuable partner. The main activity of our company is the production and sale of fruit juices, carbonated and still drinks, compote, and snacks. We have come a long way and become one of the leading companies in the beverage sector of the market. We are increasing the number of our cooperation with distributors in the regions to cover all regions and provide better service to our customers.

Our aim is to make sound investments in the future for our society and environment, to provide our people with high quality, environmentally friendly, natural products and to promote Azerbaijan products in the world market. It is about finding innovative ways to save energy and water, providing the perfect working environment for our employees.

Missiyamız– ətraf mühiti qorumaqla yanaşı, eyni zamanda istehlakçılarımızın, müştərilərimizin, əməkdaşlarımızın və səhmdarlarımızın üzündə təbəssüm və həyat eşqi yaratmaqdır.

Our vision is to be a fast-growing leader in the soft drink category.

Dəyərlərimiz – sosial və ekoloji öhdəlikləri yerinə yetirməyi hədəfləyən bir korporativ şirkəti əks etdirmək və bütün kommersiya qərarlarımızın əsasını təşkil etməkdir.


The production process is carried out in accordance with all environmental, sanitary and hygienic and safety standards at Gabala Canning Factory, Lankaran Canning Factory, Guba Canning Factory and fully meets international standards. Currently, these factories produce a lot of products. Among them, “PEPSİ”, “MIRINDA”, “MOUNTAIN DEW”, “7UP”, “JALƏ”, “ЗОЛОТОЙ САД” and “NATURA”, “MIA”, “I’M TEA” are the main brands. Gabala Canning Factory is a 13-ha plant equipped with advanced European technologies such as Padova (Italy) and Tetra Pak (Sweden) with an annual fruit processing capacity of 300.000 tons. The annual fruit juice and nectar production capacity of the company is 210.000 tons. Gabala Lemonade Factorywas established in 2011 and covers a 2-ha area. The plant is supplied with equipment of Italian company SIPA and French company SIDEL. There are 2 production lines for glass and plastic packaging. Founded in 2010, Lankaran Cannery Factory is located on a 2-ha land in the south of Azerbaijan. The factory is equipped with advanced technologies of Padova (Italy) and has two lines with a production capacity of 5,000 liters per hour. Our products are exported to foreign countries as well as to the domestic market. These are: CIS, Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.